Automotive Battery Management Systems

Battery management systems (BMS) are responsible to steer and control high-voltage batteries of Electic and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. This control unit is essential since several battery cells are unified to a cluster to enhance battery capacity. It is a charge regulator which should guarantee a stringent power supply of the engine. Lithium-Ion batteries require a prevention of voltage fluctuation during the process of battery charging. Thus BMS are essential to monitor state of charge, load distribution, temperature of each battery cell as well as of the whole battery package and development of the charging capacity.

In this three day conference you will learn about

  • Battery Management Systems (BMS) for High-Voltage Lithium-Ion Batteries and future BMS concepts, state of the art concepts for modular HV-batteries, requirements on measurement accuracy and speed
  • BMS concepts for reconfigurable battery systems
  • Li-Ion Battery grid integration and its safety and security aspects
  • Reasons for the voltage imbalance in battery packs and optimal balancing strategies
  • MOBICUS Project: Battery testing, ageing modeling and simulation of durability strategies
  • Improving battery safety by advanced BMS diagnostics and model-based Hardware-in-the-Loop testing
  • Cell level thermal simulation of battery packs for transient drive cycles and it’s potentials for virtual operating strategy development

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What are the Benefits of Attending?

Discover new concepts for battery management system architecture and how these are helping to reduce production costs

Review strategies for functional safety of battery management systems and how to effectively implement these standards

Develop a better understanding of the battery cell and its aging and how to control these factors to optimise battery management system performance

Learn how the latest mathematical modelling is improving battery management system accuracy and functionality

Examine the effect that using the battery for second life has on the design of battery management system

What You Can Expect


Learn how to analyze your spend and create value analysis key to your organization


Network with your leaders in the industry and share ideas


Understand how to create actionable data and increase revenue that effects patient quality


Collaborate with some of the industry best and create strategic partnerships


Implement a plan custom for your organization


Innovate with new technology and efficient evidence based solutions

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